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What Is The Growth Trend Of Digital Marketing In 2018?

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Well, everyone knows how much digital marketing is hyped up these days and why wouldn’t it be? It is convenient, cost-effective and so much easy to generate leads. One can use so many tools for free in order to build his or her brand awareness and recognition. Business owners are switching to digital means to increase their sales as those traditional methods of offline marketing were not only costly but also used to take a lot of their precious time. Digital marketing has its own perks and you have to agree that it helps you with measuring and tracking your results and also gives a great ROI.

If you are thinking to explore more about the trends that will grow in digital marketing, then you should know that big data and analytics, and content marketing are still growing and are used in various businesses. No company can run successfully without content marketing as it helps you with convincing your consumers. There are various trends that are growing in the digital world and are putting an impact on marketing strategies:

  • Reduction in the significance of influencer marketing:

If you don’t know what an IM is then, don’t feel like an alien. It is a method or let’s call it a tool, which helps companies with gaining more sales and influencing the target audience by collaborating with celebrities. Anyone with a large number of followers on social or web networks can be an influencer as people trust them and follow whatever they suggest (it is true!). Take Lilly Singh A.K.A Superwoman for an example, cosmetic and clothing line collaborate with her to promote their products and brand. As it is a little expensive, companies are switching to organic methods for advertising and promotions because of the fact that there are no alternatives to a traditional organic method and also it is way too affordable for a company.

  • Artificial intelligence is taking over the market:

Yes! AI is taking over the ways brand used to market their products as AI or Augmented Reality is the best and a much more effective way to engage more customers. If we talk about the Harry Potter: wizards unite, that will be brought to you by the makers of Pokémon Go, you can imagine how successful it will be! Moreover, an Augmented Reality marketing demands no content or traditional marketing. Various social media will also be integrating AR into their networks. With the help of Big data and analytics, it is so easy for the brands to create a bed of technology for their consumers.

  • The mobile-navigating era is here:

It is 2018, where everyone owns a high-tech smart phone, right! So isn’t it obvious that laptop driven age will shift itself to the handy mobile phones? You can access anything through your cell phone. Thus brands are focusing their marketing strategies towards the mobile platforms. This marketing strategy basically aims at reaching their target audience on their tablets, social media or through the old SMS way. It is cost-effective as it includes Facebook and Instagram, and other apps for building brand awareness.

  • A simple video is not a thing anymore:

Nowadays, people like to watch product videos to know everything about the brand and its product details as it is easy and watching videos are much better than reading (that’s what our generation believes).  Well, that won’t be enough now as people prefer live videos and the brands are totally switching to that as it is much more interactive and you are able to calculate the engagement of consumers.

While the methods that brands used to increase their business till 2017 were doing well, these trendy tools are much more convenient, cost-effective, and helps the brand with gaining more leads, sales, and ROI. To be a part of this new era of digital marketing, you need to have an in-depth knowledge of how things work in here, thus enroll yourself in our institute as we provide you with the best digital marketing training in Delhi NCR. In NVD Academy, our goal is to give the world the pro marketer.

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