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Google Analytics Course

By the end of our Standard course you’ll be able to:

  • Understand the capabilities and limitations of Google Analytics
  • Gain an overview of Google Analytics functionality and reports
  •  Identify the main reports that will add value to your business
  •  Learn how to create basic custom reports and dashboards
  •  Better understand your audience and how they behave on your site

Key components & terms of Digital Analytics

  • Setting up Google Analytics
  •  Account Structure
  •  Setting Objectives
  •  Google Analytics Metrics

Universal Analytics

  •  User ID
  •  Measurement Protocol
  •  The Migration Process

Using Google Analytics Reports

  •  Interpreting the data
  •  Segmentation
  •  Dashboards and Shortcuts
  •  Real Time Reporting
  •  Audience Reports
  •  Acquisition Reports
  •  Behaviour Reports
  •  Conversion Reports
  •  Sharing Reports

Product Integrations

  •  AdWords
  • Google Search Console

Measuring Success

  • Setting up Goals
  • Conversion Reporting
  •  Benefits of Ecommerce Tracking


  •  User Management
  • Account settings & configurations
  •  Troubleshooting your analytics installation
  •  Custom Alerts

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