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Google AdWords Course

What will you learn?

  • Understand the terminology and mechanics of how the bidding auction works
  • Create campaigns and ad groups with a full understanding of the different settings and keyword match types
  • Write compelling ad copy and implement all basic ad extensions to your disposal
  • Set up basic tracking through the use of the Google conversion pixel
  • Pull reports and execute standard optimisation techniques in order to improve the performance of a campaign i.e. keyword mining and bid adjustments

What is PPC?

  • Introduction to Google AdWords/PPC
  • Terminology explanation

Bidding & Quality Score

  • What is quality score
  • How to improve quality score

Keywords & Match types

  • Keyword methodology
  • Match types
  • Negative keywords

Account setup & Access

  • Account structure
  • Settings and reporting goals
  • Campaign settings

Ads & ad extensions

  • How to write great ad copy
  • Ad extensions

Tracking options

  • Tracking conversions
  • Linking accounts

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