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How to Save Instagram Videos with These 5 Free Apps And Tools?

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How to Save Instagram Videos with These 5 Free Apps And Tools?

Instagram is a social networking app prepared for sharing photos and videos from a smartphone. Creating an account in Instagram is a tranquil process as you can apply various filters to your photos and videos and can view and publish your stories. But people often unaware about the procedure of saving the Instagram videos, we at NVD Academy piled up some apps and tools which can help you in saving your preferred videos.

1. InstantSave by Gramblast (Web)


Another top- class tool is InstantSave by Gramblast is which is best for downloading media in the browser. As you’ve perhaps come to imagine, the procedure is fairly forthright. Same copy the link to the public Instagram post, click “Download,” and you will have your preferable file downloading soon.

2. IFTTT (Web)


IFTTT mechanizes the complete archiving procedure. First and foremost create both Dropbox and IFTTT accounts. After signed up for both, choose the Save your Instagram videos to a Dropbox binder option on the IFTTT website. After that, you will require to grant authorization to IFTTT to right to use your Instagram and Dropbox accounts.

Here you have all the rights to choose which videos are kept to the related Dropbox account. You can make exact triggers to save videos you’ve precisely “liked,” too, or videos you’ve uploaded to Instagram. All your videos will be assisted up to Dropbox as MP4s files.

3. DreDown (Web)


The DreDown website is not something that will aid you in downloading Instagram videos from private users (even if you’re “following” them). But, within just a small number of clicks, you will be able to protect all your videos with the help of this app. For this, you have to click the Instagram link on the left-hand side of the screen and then copy the URL for the video you want to save and paste it into the video link. Smash DreDown! to the right of the text field, and click the blue MP4 Video link on the succeeding page before selecting a save location for your resultant MP4.

4. InstaSave (Android)


InstaSave is an inordinate mobile option for Android users. When you are glancing Instagram, knock the three dots in the upper-right corner of the video you want to save. After that choose the Copy Share URL from the subsequent menu and open InstaSave. Your video will then be recorded in your feed. Tap the down missile below the newest video and pick the Save option— all of your saved videos and photos will be there in this InstaSave feed. Now you can easily delete videos that have since gone their sheen straight from InstaSave.

5. InstaSave Repost for Instagram (iOS)


There are numerous apps in iTunes that are intended for saving Instagram videos and photos, but, many of these apps don’t come for free. InstaSave, however, is easy to use. Merely download the app, join your account, and allow the app consent to contact your Instagram feed. Once you are done with signing up into Instagram, whatever you “like” — whether it is a photo or video — will be saved in a clean, sequential feed.

Most of these apps are presented for both iOS and Android. When they are not, a bond to a comparable Android app is recorded as an additional. With the changing technology, Instagram has become a consistent pastime for many. The app permits us to sneak on and indifferently “like” photos and videos that describe our circle of digital friends, associates, and even far-reaching strangers.

While it’s very easy to take a screenshot or save a particular photo, saving iconic videos from the stage is a bit more problematic – but not unbearable. We being the leading digital marketing institute in Noida pile up 5 diverse ways to download and shape all of your preferred Instagram videos and provided ways how to save Instagram videos for archiving content. With us you can upgrade your resume as we offer various digital marketing courses for you. Our team comprises of skilled and experienced professionals who deliver expert ways of teaching and also provide you with training on Live Projects.

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