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How are Micro-Influencers Changing the Influence Marketing Game?

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How are Micro-Influencers Changing the Influence Marketing Game?

Creating a buzz about your brand is the easiest way to attract more audience. But, it may not be as easy as it sounds. The first thought that might cross your mind is to hire an influential celebrity to make your brand popular as it would attract a lot of crowd at once. But the real deal is to reach the right audience. Micro-influencers are the answers to your marketing strategy and are quite trending nowadays.

Micro – Influencers may not be house-hold names but are quite popular to a specific audience. Choosing the right micro-influencer to improve your brand presence and creating the buzz you need is very important. Spending a hefty amount to sponsor your brand may not be a great idea. Involving multiple micro-influencers at the same time would not only strengthen your marketing plan but attract potential customers and not just viewers. People relate to real-life experiences and not someone who blindly endorse product or services.

Have micro-influencer to engage people through stories:

Snapchat stories, short videos about the product experience or exciting images keep the audience engaged and they are more likely to use your products. Having a recommendation or positive feedback from someone they follow online would boost their interest and confidence in your brand. Keep it authentic, is the idea.

Convert viewers into patrons:

It can be a great deal to reach out to the real admirers. There can be many ways to keep the people interested in your brand. To improve involvement of the influencers and their followers, give away discount coupons or special privileges like free delivery, packaging and more. This would not only help the influencers to attract more traffic but people will get a reason to buy from you.

Don’t just sell products, sell experiences:

Brands like Nike have adopted a unique way of marketing their products. They try to engage customers by engaging them through real-life inspirations telling their experience about using the products. The micro-influencers can try out a similar approach. Brand credibility improves when celebrities or influencers promoting the brand use the products themselves. Because when this happens, they can share their true experiences about the product and the customers can connect to it.

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Micro-influencers have become an important part of the influence marketing campaigns. But it’s very important to make sure that the micro-influencers are authentic and not just fake accounts. There are thousands of fake accounts on Instagram which is the main platform for these influencers to attract the audience. Before investing in micro-influencer marketing, carefully analyze the influencer’s account, their followers, average posts per day and how much response they receive from their followers.

Digital Marketing is getting all the hype and brands are trying unique ways to improve their popularity. From free coupons to information, customers are getting a lot of options to get engaged with various brands. And this is the right time to invest in your marketing campaigns. There are a lot of Digital Marketing Institutes in Noida which can help you in finding the right skills related to various digital marketing techniques and support your marketing policies.

NVD academy offers one such Digital Marketing Course in Noida where students are not only taught Digital Marketing but are given practical work experience to polish their skills.

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