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Facebook Advertisement Vs Google Advertisement- Which Is Better For Your Business?

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Facebook Advertisement Vs Google Advertisement Which Is Better For Your Business

When it comes to Digital Marketing, one of the most asked questions is which advertising platform is better for a business – is it Facebook Ads or Google Adwords? So which one should we use?

In this article, we will break down the difference between Facebook advertising and Google advertising and help you choose the right one for your business. So without further ado, let’s get down to business.

First of all, we should understand the fact that Google is ‘Intent-based’. So with Google Adwords people search by typing in what they are looking for. Search queries like ‘Buy cheap cell phones’, ‘Best advertisers in Noida’ are some examples of what people will be typing in. That’s what Google Adwords is great for. When someone types in ‘Digital Marketing training in Noida’ on Google, chances are he/she is looking to get trained in Digital Marketing in Noida city.

Facebook Advertisement Vs Google Advertisement- Which Is Better For Your Business?On the flip side, with Facebook Ads, there really is no intent-based. So with Facebook ads you can’t just go with creating ads that says ‘Buy Auto Insurance’. That will not work because people on Facebook are not there to buy ‘Auto Insurance’. They are there looking to connect with their friends, engage with their pictures, and consume content on their wall. For this reason, your ads would not convert the same way they did on Google Adwords.

So Google Adwords is amazing when you have an intent-based product or you are selling products or services and you are going after people who have a specific intent such as they need consulting help or accounting help or they need to buy product or service, whatever the product may be.

If you want to go after a broad audience, that’s where Facebook Ads come into picture. For example, if you want to go after women who are interested in beauty because you want them to know about your beauty product which is revolutionizing the beauty industry, that’ where one can expect the best results from Facebook advertising.

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The main difference is Facebook is for ‘Broad Segmented Audience’ such as Beauty, people who are Car Enthusiast, people who are Business Owners and many more. Moreover, with Facebook, you can create Ads that will drive them to a landing page.

However, it must be noted that the landing page should not be – ‘Buy my Product RIGHT NOW! It’s Cheap!’ The ideal way to convert people from Facebook is to first give them some educational information such as a blog post that breaks down why your product is amazing and revolutionizing, what they are going to learn, take them to a webinar first and then from there, convert them into a customer.

So again, Google Adwords is for Intent-Based and Facebook is for targeting a whole segment, like beauty, automotive, music and so much more. And then from there with Facebook, unlike Google, you don’t send them to a page where they can buy right away. You take them to a page where you educate them first and then get them to purchase.

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Thus, depending on the format of your business, the decision ultimately comes down to your understanding of which of the two is better for you. If you’re looking to learn the same from the best digital marketing training institute in Noida, look no further than New Vision Digital Academy. At NVD Academy, the future of digital marketing is what we focus on in our present curriculum. Come join us, to be a part of the future.

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