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Confused Between Opting A Certification Course Or MBA in Digital Marketing?

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Confused between opting a Certification Course or MBA in digital marketing?

Here’s a guide to all your queries related to choosing the best option for your career based on your skills and experience and more importantly your educational background.

There are a lot of options to choose from if you want to learn digital marketing – MBA Courses, Diploma courses, Digital Marketing specialization courses and of course online tutorials. You can opt for any of these options.

MBA Course – Seeing the hype in digital marketing, universities have started courses in this field. There are few universities which provide online courses as well but majority of these are on-campus courses.

Specialization courses available for digital marketing have an edge over the MBA Courses. This is because they commit to provide specific knowledge within a shorter span, generally 3-4 months. They are cheap and give practical exposure to students. The most important factor is that in MBA courses a very generic information is given to students. But learning every aspect of Digital marketing is not useful, we need to get skilled in a specific domain.

Now, let’s discuss about the scope of both MBA Course and Specialization Courses.

Studies have shown that now students are opting for specialized courses rather than general MBAs. This transition is because of the change in skill demands for jobs.

MBA Courses

MBA courses can only be done if you have completed a graduation. Moreover, top management colleges prefer students with prior work experience over freshers. This is a setback to most of the students. Not only this, getting admission in a top seed college can be as difficult as it can be.

The major reason that people are falling out is the money factor. Doing MBA may feel like pouring money down the drain for some. This is because even after doing such an expensive and time consuming course students or professionals are unable to find jobs as per their expectations. As per a survey more than 80% of the MBA post-graduates remain unemployed or work at a lower salaries, which is as low as 8,000 – 10,000. As they say, 93% of MBA post-graduates are unemployable, which means that even after spending a hefty amount to get into top colleges, they still don’t acquire the right skills or experience to make them job-ready.

Students who wish to pursue a MBA courses have a few choices to choose from. There are very few institutions which provide MBA in Digital Marketing. And, even if they do, they lack a characteristic curriculum, which must be designed to meet the needs of today’s work expectations. Everyone is going digital nowadays, specially the students. They expect that courses should be available online so that they don’t have to take the pain to attend classes regularly. They want to take up courses which provides them flexibility. And, when considering a MBA course, this is not yet available except a few institutes that offer online courses.

Confused Between Opting A Certification Course Or MBA in Digital Marketing?
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Specialization Courses

Now considering the other popular option, we will discuss about how and why specialization courses are gaining importance over the traditional MBA Courses.

Like already mentioned, specialized courses are being preferred due to their cost as well as the time factor. The main advantage of opting for a specialization course is the fact that it is available in both online and offline mode and that too with a choice of duration depending on the student’s preferences. Students get the flexibility to choose from a variety of specializations based on different domains within digital marketing.

The students may be high school pass outs, fresh college graduates, or even working professionals. Yes..!! Almost anyone who has completed their high school is eligible to do these course. In contrary to MBA Courses, students can opt for more than one specialization courses to improve their skills and knowledge in various domains at the same time. The importance of these courses is more since they are not just theory based but usually covers internship or live projects along with the classes. Getting to work on live projects can give you an edge over others because you will have a practical experience for the skills that you learn.

The average cost of these courses is 40 – 50 thousand which is quite less when compared to lakhs of money students pay for their MBA Courses. It’s important that you make sure that the institutes from which you decide to do these specialized courses should provide you practical experience and provide certification once you complete the course. There are institutes that offer Google certifications as well and they might be your best choices.

Analyzing both the options, we can make out that specialization courses are the best choice without a doubt. There are many institutes which provide Digital marketing certification in Noida. Few of these Digital marketing school in Noida even provide online courses which include online lecture, webinars and doubt sessions. NVD Academy is one such institute which offers a complete package of Digital Marketing course as well as specialized courses. Not only this, they provide in-house internship opportunities too.

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