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A Comprehensive Guide To SEO Audit

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In this blog, you will be learning how you can boost your organic search traffic and nail your site’s SEO through an SEO Audit.

Well, this is the same series of actions that helped NVD Academy to grow its organic traffic over the past one year. Thus, following these SEO Audit processes will definitely help in growing your business enormously. Have a look: (this is a monthly traffic comparison of September – October month 2018)

Website Traffic NVD Academy

Before starting, I would like to grab your attention to some of these simple steps in this guide:-

Let’s get started.

1) Find and Remove “Zombie Pages”

2) Make Sure Google Indexes ONE Version of Your Website

3) Trigger the Speed of Your Site

4) Find and Fix Indexing Problems

5) Keep Analysis of your Organic Traffic

6) Boost Your On-Page SEO

7) Build Up Keyword Rank Tracking

8) Fix Broken Links

9) Rework on your Duplicate Meta Tags

10) Mobile Friendly Site



Find and Remove “Zombie Pages”

Type “” into Google. (without quotes)

After hitting the enter button, you will see all the pages that Google has indexed:


Removing Zombie pages


If the pages appearing on the search result is higher than what you had in your mind, relax….you are not alone!

In fact, most of the websites have more indexed pages that they should have. Isn’t it weird! Well, that’s why we name these extra pages as “Zombie Pages”.

Finding and deleting these extra pages from your site can also contribute in boosting your organic traffic.

The fact is: “Small amount of high-quality pages is what Google really wants!”


Make Sure Google Indexes ONE Version of Your Website

Consider all the possible ways someone would type your website address into a browser. For instance:






They are pretty much same to me and you, but not to Google! Surprised?

Well, only one of these versions should be accessible in a web browser while the others should be 301 redirected to the canonical version. This is something that you should fix as a priority.

You just need to type each of these different website versions into your browser and what you should look for is– they all should end up on the same URL.

You can see that if we type version HTTP of NVD Academy to the address bar, it redirects to the version HTTPS of NVD Academy.



Trigger the Speed of Your Site

It’s been a long time to this confirmation i.e., “Website speed is one of Google’s ranking factors.


Google Speed Update


Clearly, a fast-loading site provides a better user experience than a slow-loading site.

For your website to be loaded at a fast rate, follow these few processes:-


Clean your site’s HTML code: You can find issues with your code that is affecting the speed with the help of ‘Page Speed Insights’. You should  also analyze some internal pages like service pages, blog posts and category pages and not just the homepage.


page speed insights NVD Academy


Run a speed test: This will actually help you knowing the bottlenecks responsible for slowing things down in your website. We personally use GTmetrix usually. However the choice varies for every individual as per their experiences. (some parts are hidden to protect important data.)


GT Metrix


Grind your images: Colossal images can be one of the major reasons behind your site’s slow speed. Thus, using a compressed image is recommended. There are many free tools available online for compressing images.


Find and Fix Indexing Problems

Find the web pages that Google is not indexing. Because, no indexing in Google = No ranking…..ever!

To check if your site is indexed or not, login to your Google Search Console account and check the click on the coverage tab. The report will provide you with a list of pages that are not indexed for some reason or have some errors. As you can see below, NVD Academy is error free !


Index Coverage


You can even use ‘Screaming Frog’, a free SEO tool…that might helpin fixing your indexing problems in an easier and simpler way! It is a very comprehensive tool that is available for free.


Keep Analysis on your Organic Traffic

When it’s about increasing a website’s traffic, knowing how your site is performing is highly important.

Running a few reports on ‘Google Analytics’ will provide you with a quick overview of how much organic traffic your website is getting.

Just hop on to Acquisition >All Traffic > Organic Search. This will help you see the number of people visiting your site from search engines.


google analytics

From the same report, click on “Landing Page” and you would be able to see which pages of your website are currently generating the most search traffic.


Boost Your On-Page SEO

I would suggest you to manually perform some On-Page SEO checks starting with the homepage. But also make sure you do the same for other important pages.

Make sure that your title tag isn’t truncated in the search results. It should also be well-written and would be able to entice the users to click!

So, the best thing will be to use a single descriptive, unique H1 tag on each page.

In case you are running out of time, then focus on these quick 5 strategies:

1)  Include keyword in your title tag

2)  Include keyword in the first 100 words

3)  Add 5+ internal and external links

4)  Use LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) keywords


Build Up Keyword Rank Tracking

All your organic traffic depends upon how high you rank in the search engine. Therefore it is important to keep track of your keywords.

You can use ‘Ahrefs’ Site Explorer’ or ‘SEMrush to check the keyword rank tracking. These tools help in showing the rise or decline of your rankings across the boards.

If you want to track the rank for specific keywords in long-term, then use ‘Rank Tracker’.


Fix Broken Links

“Google Bot can handle broken links but many users cannot. So make sure to fix them for usability issues versus SEO issues”, said Google’s John Mueller about broken links.


Broken Links


This clearly states the need to fix the broken links on your website.

For this, you need to find those broken pages that Google can’t index. This can be done with the help of Google Search Console’s “Index Report”.

You can see the broken links in the error section of the Coverage tab.

Alternatively, you can use an online broken link checker tool. W3C Broken Link Check is recommended.

Either redirect them to the relevant pages or remove them from your website.


Rework on your Duplicate Meta Tags



If you are looking forward to fixing duplicate titles and descriptions, use ‘Google Search Console’.

Go to Search Appearance → HTML Improvements and you will find a complete list of duplicate meta tags.


missing meta tags


If there are some important pages on your website having duplicate meta tags, then rewriting them would be a great option to go with.


Mobile Friendly Site

It is best to make your website mobile friendly ASAP as it is one of the ranking factor and most of the user base has switched to mobile and tablet based internet surfing.


Mobile friendly site


To check if your website is mobile friendly or not, Visit

Enter the website URL and it’s done. You get to know whether your website is mobile friendly or not. Below is a screenshot of mobile friendly test of  NVD Academy for reference.


Mobile friendly test



If you want to be an expert yourself in the digital marketing field, come and join NVD Academy.

NVD Academy is a digital marketing agency offering digital marketing courses to students and professionals. With practical training, live project practice and case studies, NVD Academy have emerged as one of the best training centres for digital marketing certification in Noida.

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