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How A.I. Will Affect The Digital Marketing Field?

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We are living in an era where ‘what’s in trend’ rules our daily lives. Marketers understand this fact and have been creating strategies where trends have established themselves as pillar point. Artificial Intelligence is one such trend which has taken over the digital world by storm and is only going to strengthen its grip over the medium.

The world has come a long way in terms of technology and in this article, we will show you how a robust technology like Artificial Intelligence will change the way we look at Digital Marketing today. So without any further ado, let’s get into the article.

  1. User Experience will get a Boost

Name the thing that makes all Digital Marketers lose their sleep? It’s a website’s User Experience. We all know that a great user experience is what brings your customers back to your website. Every website should be built in a way that it helps the visitors engage with great ease.

But how Artificial Intelligence would make our lives easy?

Well, with the extensive use of Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing, it would become much easier to predict the interests, behavior, buyer persona, search cycles and so much more! Customer Service is only going to get easier with Artificial Intelligence. With Chat Bot technology, you can stay connected to your customer’s queries at all moments. Digital Marketing training in Noida and other cities have started to focus on building an awareness about Artificial Intelligence and it’s its benefits.

  1. Better Return on Investment

Artificial Intelligence uses technology that can provide a marketer with a high-level of image recognition. But how does that help? This feature can help us make the process of payment way faster than we can imagine. Not just that, Artificial Intelligence can also solve the security issues involved in online transactions. We provide great attention on making students understand the ways we can leverage upon such an exciting piece of technology through our Digital Marketing training in Noida.

Machine Learning has helped to collect data and information from the user’s end through highly complex learning algorithms that feed on audience interest – modern technology providing a better-decision making abilities.

All this help in increasing Return on Investment on all Digital Campaigns.

  1. Smoother Search Sessions

Although the present search sessions work absolutely well, it can sometimes get really frustrating and confusing to find the right results. With the advent of Artificial Intelligence and its incorporation in present Digital Marketing strategies, the search sessions can get much smarter and hassle-free. Artificial Intelligence is brilliant when it comes to understanding the user behavior and predicting their future behavior and decisions.

This would certainly help in employing better keyword research and the usage of semantic keywords might see a spike.

  1. Reaching the Right Target Audience Gets Simpler

Every brand and business needs its products or services to reach its target audience in a way that helps in building its credibility and authority in the market. It’s important for a brand to reach the right people who can bring value to the brand and its asset. When it comes to Artificial Intelligence, this becomes highly successful as AI helps in finding people based on their interests, focus, demography and other important aspects. When you reach the right people, your business is bound to grow!

  1. Advertising Gets Better and Smarter

We all as marketers depend on Advertising for growing our businesses and promoting our brands. But so many times it happens that often the people who are shown the ads have zero interests in the product or service you are promoting. With AI, brands can create advertisements that their audiences prefer and like to see. Artificial Intelligence has a special place in our Digital Marketing Training in Noida because it’s where we all are headed as marketers.

Artificial Intelligence is a promising technology and will only help to make our Digital world an enjoyable and highly secured place. It not only makes it easier for brands to employ the right digital marketing strategies but also solves the customers’ problem as well.

We hope this article brought great value to you. For more such articles, subscribe to our newsletter and stay up-to-date with latest Digital Marketing news and trends.

7 Tips For Building A Successful Digital Marketing Career

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In today’s time, there would be hardly anyone who would not be well-versed with the concept of digital marketing. Going by the literal meaning, digital marketing refers to the process of marketing brands, companies and all other ‘marketable’ entities/objects by way of the digital medium. Digital marketing is an extremely broad category that includes under its ambit several activities such as social media, PPC marketing, email marketing, app developments and much more.

Digital marketing is a fierce field giving rise to aggressive competition among marketers owing to the real-time nature and the corresponding impact of the projects. If market stats are to be believed, if chosen as a career, every form of digital marketing has impressive potential and scope for professional growth. Thus, it only seems ‘obvious’ now to say that it is one of the most popular choices for building a great career graph, especially among the youth. It is however important to note here that while it seems like a sure-shot route to success, it must not be forgotten, that one will have to invest a considerable amount of time and energy to reach the high peaks. To begin your journey of becoming a successful digital marketer, we suggest that you start with the following few pointers.

1. Online presence

When you find out about any new brand or product, what is the first thing you do? Search for it online, of course! This shows that building an impressive and convincing online presence is one of the first key factors that one needs to consider right at the beginning of their journey. The online world has numerous ways to help you build your online image with the help of blogging, social media accounts, websites, and SEO.

2. Current trends

The only thing constant about the digital marketing sphere is the frequent changes and upgrades in the technology and algorithms. Therefore, it is highly important that one keeps himself/herself updated with all new changes and current trends in the digital market. A successful digital marketing campaign depends highly on one’s ability to tap into and exploit the audience interests of current trends.

3. Networking

Like all businesses go, digital marketing too is no different when it comes to aptly utilizing one’s networking abilities. While on the way to become a successful digital marketer, it always comes in handy if you have just right contacts in your team to handle crucial situations. For example, an SEO expert will ensure that your business reaches the right audience on the lookout for digital marketers, in the shortest span of time.

4. Portfolio

While one can always blow their own trumpet, it almost always NEVER has as much of a great impact as compared to the honest words of a happy and satisfied customer. Building a strong portfolio with positive testimonials and ‘successful projects’ tab will thus always help you stand out from the crowd and attract more clients.

5. Analytics

One of the most essential tools that the internet has to offer digital marketers is the ability to use analytics to track down the success (or failure) of their campaign and projects. Having access to accurate analytics gives you a clear insight into what your project campaign lacks and what can be done in a better way.

6. Experiment with experience

We all know there is no better way to learn a process other than simply practicing it again and again. Digital marketing is no different. The more you practice, and the more you experiment with various tools available online, the better you get at running professional projects and bringing out the best results.

7. Certification

Certified professionals are always considered a notch above those with informal education on the matter. Thus if you are passionate about pursuing a career in digital marketing, it is always recommended to pursue a formal certification for the same to build your brand worth.
Building a successful digital marketing career is no rocket science, but it is definitely one that demands your time and determination. If you make a firm decision to be a digital marketing professional, all you have to do is follow the above-mentioned tips and gain appropriate knowledge in the area from the best institute for digital marketing training in Noida – New Vision Digital Academy. At NVD Academy, each student is given the highest levels of priority and importance to help them develop into the best digital marketers of their time.

6 Digital Marketing Skills That Will Ramp Up Your Resume

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The world is going digital, and anybody who says otherwise is clearly living under a rock. Every aspect of every business today is taking the digital route for various activities and agendas like promoting the business, or simply getting fresh leads. What may the cause be, the world today is very much ‘online’ and ‘on-the-go’. It is thus safe to say that most job profiles too are now undergoing massive changes to keep up with this digitization. Learning the use of technology has become mandatory for several jobs which have led to a rise in the number of educational institutions providing courses in computer sciences.

Another popular brand of job profile that is now coming up and evolving rapidly is the role of a digital marketer. While many are learning the skill right from the scratch to start a career in the field, there are many more cases of working professionals from various fields actually shifting base to the sphere of digital marketing. Being a promising new career option, the digital marketing field has had many takers and is expected to grow at an impressive rate in the coming years. However, if you want to make it big as a digital marketer, what are the main skills that you must at all costs have? What are the skills that must be on your resume in order to make you the ideal candidate for the job you are seeking?

Given below are 6 skills to put on a resume that will definitely give you the upper edge.

1. Content marketing

When it comes to digital marketing, or any form of marketing for that matter, content is always the king. A weak content has the ability to drown your project just as a strong content can help you soar high. Content for DM must be created in such a way that it attracts more and more users and keeps them engaged.

2. Social media marketing

Social media today is what basically runs the show. Whether you talk about keeping in touch with your peeps, or promoting your business to a wide audience, social media is the biggest key. Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter have a huge active user base that gives you the opportunity to reach millions all at once.


3. Video marketing

They say in order to sell something, it is very important to show the audience what you really mean. Statistically too, videos have a much higher rate of reach and impressions as compared to images and textual content. Thus being a content marketer, one of the most important skills you must possess is that of video marketing.

4. Traffic acquisition

No traffic acquisition can simply be translated into no money. No matter how good your material and content is, if your ability to acquire traffic is nil, then your hopes of making the moolah are down the drain too. Thus a major skill to include on your CV would be that of traffic acquisition with knowledge of paid campaigns.5. OptimizationsOne of the key skills required to be an all-rounder in the field of digital marketing is that of testing what works and how it works, and optimizing your business and its respective digital presence in such a way that it nails the brief completely and most accurately.

6. Email marketing

The skill of email marketing isn’t anything new. It has been here for decades and is definitely here to stay for a long time to come. The main reason behind the same is that the tool is one of the most powerful ones when it comes to approaching clients and wooing more to join your bandwagon. Moreover, through email marketing, a business owner can achieve several tasks in one go. The ride on the journey of digital marketing is definitely one that is fresh and full of new challenges each day that drive one to be motivated and excited about learning new things. Plus, what’s better than working on a job that lets you do what you love the most, which is being ‘online’, right? If you’re looking for the digital marketing training institute in Noida, then look no further. New Vision Digital, better known as NVD, is here for you to guide you in the right direction.

The Benefits of RSS Feed For Websites

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You must have sites bookmarked that you like to frequently visit. However, heading on to a website hoping to find something new and only being faced with disappointment, again and again, can be a frustrating experience. Here is where the RSS feeds come in handy by providing you updates on regularly changing content.

What is an RSS feed?

RSS is the abbreviation for Rich Site Summary, which was later often referred to as Really Simple Syndication. Commonly recognized as the small orange button, RSS revolutionized the way users interact with content online. RSS feed allows you to subscribe to the website and get notified of updates.

Instead of checking a website for updates, you can simply subscribe to the RSS feed and automatically get updated in case of a new feed on the website. RSS is responsible for bringing digital content to the user automatically. You will not have to manually check the website for content. Instead, their browser will constantly monitor the site and inform you of any updates.
If you rely on manually visiting your preferred site, either you will be wasting your time checking the site for new content every day or you are going to be missing out on content because you either forget to visit the sites or find the content after it’s not as useful or relevant to you. Are you a fan of a webcomic? Or do you like being updated with the latest news? Don’t miss any updates by subscribing to the RSS feed.

In addition, if you are a business owner, creating an RSS feed for your content will hugely benefit you. Encouraging visitors to subscribe will allow those who stumble on your website to become regular readers who will continue to engage with your content and your brand. Syndicating an RSS feed also allows your content to be promoted to other blogs and websites. Don’t let new content on your website pass by your site visitors. An RSS feed will successfully make sure any updating is duly reported to your readers/ subscribers.

One of the main ways to deliver content daily to the reader is through the RSS feed. Offering free and fast news feeds is the best way to attract new readers and keep the old ones informed and engaged. A business looking to attract customers online and have real success in the online world should consider getting the option of RSS feed. Often recognized as the orange button, it is a very useful tool to attract more traffic. RSS companies make sure that all your info stays updated and people get it through the special system of syndication. If you have a personal blog, a company website or any kind of website that you want to make public and share with the world, you should consider the RSS or news feed option to your website.

If you are looking for a competent digital marketing course in Noida, you have landed to the right place. We at NVD academy offer you a comprehensive curriculum, covering the in and outs of the digital marketing world. To know more contact us today and avail a free demo!

Digital Marketing Trends That May Make Their Way In 2018!

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New Year comes with resolutions and predictions. People readily take up the role of seers and start making all sorts of predictions that the brand new year may witness. Today, we are going to discuss some new digital marketing trends that may make an entrance in 2018!

Let us become ‘Cassandras’ for the day and get on with our predictions for the New Year.

1. Businesses will realize the role of mobile phones.

Mobile phones have become our mechanical organs, without which we are not functional, a courtesy of the 21st century. This year, it will become more and more important for businesses to optimize their online websites for mobile phones. Majority of people, read potential consumers, spend their hours on the phone, working, searching, and chatting through them.

It is only logical to make your websites mobile-friendly in order to reach a wider audience. We are hoping to see businesses realize this opportunity in 2018.

2. The importance of content marketing will grow.

A well-structured and attractive content can take your business a long way. Consumers prefer learning about a business through an article rather than an ad. This calls for an attention to content marketing that is deserved. Content marketing can take the forms of articles, blog posts, videos, pictures etc.

Quality content can effectively gain the trust of the consumer and result in an increased number of clicks and views.

3. Focus on consumer experience will increase.

Focus on customer experience marketing might gain popularity in 2018. It is ensuring your customers have a good experience dealing with your business. A good customer experience is vital to any business. By making this a priority, you can successfully add on to your good will. A customer is likely to engage with you again if their experience has been a good one. This is good for your business as you gain loyal customers.

4. Voice searches will continue to grow.

Using voice search is not exactly a new trend. We all are familiar with it and use it on our phones, laptops, smart speakers, tablets, desktop computers and just about any smart technology device.

It has become increasingly common for consumers to use voice search. “Siri, find me the best Chinese restaurants”, you know the drill! Optimizing for voice search includes conversational keywords that a person is most likely to say. Businesses need to optimize for voice search to keep up with changing times.

Only time will tell how accurate our predictions are for the year 2018. If these trends are able to make their way into this year, we will witness new digital marketing trends that will enhance businesses.

To learn more about digital marketing trends, visit our digital marketing training institute in Noida. We at the NVD Academy offer you a comprehensive course about the digital marketing world. Come and equip yourself with an in-depth knowledge of digital marketing to facilitate your career.

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Why Is Digital Marketing The Key To A Successful Business?

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This is the digital era, where we view the world through a screen. The digital platform is vast and ever-growing. It provides a place for a plethora of activities and businesses to co-exist and compete.

The virtual world is coinciding with the real world, and every thriving business has succeeded in making its presence felt in the virtual reality by recognizing the importance of digital marketing.

Through digital marketing, you can advertise your products and services using various digital platforms. This has been facilitated by technological development that we have witnessed over the years. Technology has enabled digital marketing to climb the ladder of popularity.

Digital marketing has become the key to a successful business:

Wider Reach

Advertising your business online helps you expand your reach to potential customers and clients. It erases geographical limitations associated with traditional methods of advertising.


Digital marketing is a very cost-effective way of advertising your goods and services as compared to the traditional method. You get to do away with investments in billboards, pamphlets, brochures etc.

Measurable performance 

Choosing the digital way to market your business lets you measure your success by telling you the number of clicks and views. This helps you to judge your performance and allows you to ‘fix’ or better your strategies accordingly.

Visibility and availability 

With gadgets becoming an integral part of our lives, the availability and visibility of your business are made easy. With smartphones and laptops, your reach will not be barred by physical boundaries. You can time your advertisements to go live when maximum people are engaged on the internet. This helps in maintaining a steady client base and increases the number of your potential consumers.

The need for digital marketing is booming and its future is looking bright. Get yourself a digital marketing certification in Noida by enrolling in the NVD academy today to learn more about the digital marketing world and get an edge over the others.

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