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A Compressive Guide to Growth Hacking

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Growth Hacking is all about experimenting, evaluating and executing marketing as well as a promotional strategy to grow and procure as many profits as possible. The term “Growth Hacking” was penned by the founder of Growth Hackers CEO “Sean Ellis” in 2010 and unlike those negative influencing hacking that we all aware of, growth hacking is all about growing your business in a fast and efficient manner. The amazingly new trend of growth hacking is all about giving us glance into the future of businesses that are based out of the internet.

This entire post is a brief about growth hacking so now that you what growth hacking is, we will be moving on to next attributes…


Growth Hacker! A professional who is also termed as “growth marketers” but unlike genuine marketers, they utilize their creative yet inexpensive strategies to help their business are growing. Those who are into products and service supplying such as engineers or even a manager can consider becoming a growth hacker. Here are few core aspects of a hacker…


– A growth hacker is tremendously analytical (it runs through his or her veins). It should since it helps one focus and assists in gaining success every single time. Hackers with good analytical skills are successful at predicting the future.


– Growth hackers are tending to be curious and obsessive and thus solely focus on the strategies that help in growing one’s business.


– Growth hackers should be specific about setting priorities right and identifying the correct mean to measure growth and success.


Hacking Process!   You need to elucidate your actionable objective and aim. You know that when you start a business, growth hackers should retain in mind that you need to focus on narrow and actionable aims as your main goal is to grow your business and thus you don’t need a broad vision that might distract you. Your process starts with growing your start-up by enhancing your Daily Active Users, content creation, and also by improvising the possessions. Once you are done with your amped up content and Daily Active Users (DAU), you then would have to employ your analytics to keep a track on your objectives. Here are few thinks to should be affirmative about…


– Are you updated with your content creation measurements?

– Do you keep a track on the content’s file size, views, shares, and etc?

– Are you aware of the URL that takes responsibility for content creation?

As you all already know that your goals will be empty and meaningless without analytics since they give you informative and constructively beneficial data that can help you reach your goal. Also, you need to get a hold on your prevailing strengths that follows by executing your evaluation and experiments that can be done in four simple ways…


– Keep a record of your theories before you actually start implementing them.


– You need to be careful about running an experiment therefore, don’t be naïve when it comes to resources.


– If your experiment fails, come up with another plan and don’t get dishearten or discouraged.


– Also, be optimistic enough to learn from your success as well as from your failure.


At last, we come to the improvising your efficiency and optimizing your experiments since they are very versatile and adaptive. One can modify and re-run an experiment for better results. Just be sure to have a control group that can handle such experiments for you and also you need to find out when to drop the experiment.


Growth Hacker Funnel! When one is establishing a product then it is important to steer the consumers towards a specific objective and goal. In order to make people proceed as per your wish then it is essential for you to imply a funnel-like procedure to make yourself like an alpha and to make people understand about your brand (to gain growth). As a growth hacker, one should be aware of the three aspects of the funnel and those are…


– Come up with ways to make people land on your product
– Assist consumers in pre-establishing your actions in products
– You need to find ways to help and make consumers a habitual user
Here are few things that will be of huge assistance if retained in mind for better conversion rate…


– Keep enhancing relative to yourself
– Be aware of the companies that published their conversion rates online
– You need to have knowledge about associations that will allow you to see their digits
– Have a look of the funnel entirely as conversion rates affect each other


Pull Tactics!   It is important for you to go through the groundwork that we have mentioned above since a lot of people mistake growth hacking for getting new visitors when actually it is not purely true. The followings are the three P’s that are an important part of the strategy.


Pull: you need to be clever enough to draw or “pull” people towards to webpage by enticing and incentivizing them. So give them reasons to come and visit your site.

Push: well, instead of enticing people, here you will be pulling them that can be done by putting up advertisements and pushing people onto your webpage to check out your product.

Product: the third P is utilizing the product to make people visit your webpage. You can easily to that with the help of social networks in order to connect with way too many people.


Coming on to the pull tactics, here are top ten fundamentals…
1. Guest Blogging
2. Podcasts
3. Guides and E-Books
4. Search Engine Optimization
5. Infographics
6. Social Media
7. Conference Presentation: Slides, Persuasive presentation, and include             audio/video
8. Market Places
9. Contests
10. Leverage Other People Audience


Product Tactics! Since we already talked about pull tactics, we come to the intriguingly beneficial product tactics that hold the ability and strength to make people visit your webpage through the product. It gave the power to drive people towards your brand that no push and pull strategy can replicate. The followings are the best product game plans…


Network Invitations: living in the world where you can contact anyone through the social networks, it is important for you to have people follow you on twitter and be connected with you on the Facebook for the betterment of the business. This includes having contacts through Phone, E-mail, and Social.


Social Sharing: it isn’t about aggressively inviting people but in an intriguingly subtle way into your reading about your product. For instance, allow public sharing, so when one likes your product or detail about it, he or she will share it on their timeline and hence awaring more people about your product in just one click.


Application Program Interface (API) Integration: it is essential for one to have their product or brand integrated with a social channel with the help of API. Such integrations are a great way to grow your business.


Terminologies!  As a growth hacker, you will come across the followings tactics and terms and hence, it is important for you to be aware of them.


KPI: Key Performance Indicator and every business have a different KPI that helps one getting an insight into the future of your company’s growth. It is essential for you to have an automated e-mail that sends out the KPI details every week or month.


K: Viral Co-efficient: These are just digits that explain to you about how many people visited your product through your loyal users.


Cohorts: It is just a part of record where you can keep a track that will be based on when your users joined or signed up with your product.

The list can go and on with terminologies such as Multivariate Testing, CAC, and Lifetime Value of Customers, and so much more…


This progressive technology which is yet to take over the industries and hence, if you are looking forward to learning more about such tools and strategies then NVD Academy can be of a huge assistance as we offer the best-in-class digital marketing courses in Delhi NCR.

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