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6 Digital Marketing Skills That Will Ramp Up Your Resume

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The world is going digital, and anybody who says otherwise is clearly living under a rock. Every aspect of every business today is taking the digital route for various activities and agendas like promoting the business, or simply getting fresh leads. What may the cause be, the world today is very much ‘online’ and ‘on-the-go’. It is thus safe to say that most job profiles too are now undergoing massive changes to keep up with this digitization. Learning the use of technology has become mandatory for several jobs which have led to a rise in the number of educational institutions providing courses in computer sciences.

Another popular brand of job profile that is now coming up and evolving rapidly is the role of a digital marketer. While many are learning the skill right from the scratch to start a career in the field, there are many more cases of working professionals from various fields actually shifting base to the sphere of digital marketing. Being a promising new career option, the digital marketing field has had many takers and is expected to grow at an impressive rate in the coming years. However, if you want to make it big as a digital marketer, what are the main skills that you must at all costs have? What are the skills that must be on your resume in order to make you the ideal candidate for the job you are seeking?

Given below are 6 skills to put on a resume that will definitely give you the upper edge.

1. Content marketing

When it comes to digital marketing, or any form of marketing for that matter, content is always the king. A weak content has the ability to drown your project just as a strong content can help you soar high. Content for DM must be created in such a way that it attracts more and more users and keeps them engaged.

2. Social media marketing

Social media today is what basically runs the show. Whether you talk about keeping in touch with your peeps, or promoting your business to a wide audience, social media is the biggest key. Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter have a huge active user base that gives you the opportunity to reach millions all at once.


3. Video marketing

They say in order to sell something, it is very important to show the audience what you really mean. Statistically too, videos have a much higher rate of reach and impressions as compared to images and textual content. Thus being a content marketer, one of the most important skills you must possess is that of video marketing.

4. Traffic acquisition

No traffic acquisition can simply be translated into no money. No matter how good your material and content is, if your ability to acquire traffic is nil, then your hopes of making the moolah are down the drain too. Thus a major skill to include on your CV would be that of traffic acquisition with knowledge of paid campaigns.5. OptimizationsOne of the key skills required to be an all-rounder in the field of digital marketing is that of testing what works and how it works, and optimizing your business and its respective digital presence in such a way that it nails the brief completely and most accurately.

6. Email marketing

The skill of email marketing isn’t anything new. It has been here for decades and is definitely here to stay for a long time to come. The main reason behind the same is that the tool is one of the most powerful ones when it comes to approaching clients and wooing more to join your bandwagon. Moreover, through email marketing, a business owner can achieve several tasks in one go. The ride on the journey of digital marketing is definitely one that is fresh and full of new challenges each day that drive one to be motivated and excited about learning new things. Plus, what’s better than working on a job that lets you do what you love the most, which is being ‘online’, right? If you’re looking for the digital marketing training institute in Noida, then look no further. New Vision Digital, better known as NVD, is here for you to guide you in the right direction.

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