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5 Social Media Marketing Tools to Boost your Business

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5 Social Media Marketing tools to boost your Business

Modern technology has made it possible to view the world through a screen, taking away physical boundaries, revolutionizing society. Social Media has changed the framework of human interactions and altered businesses dramatically over the years.

To be able to function in the real world, a business must use the virtual world as a means of trade, keeping up with the 21st century. Here is a list of Social Media Marketing tools that will enable you to enhance your business experience and reach a plethora of opportunities.


Buffer is one of the most sought after media marketing tools. It is a trusted social media management platform that allows the user to schedule posts together on various media platforms by providing default timeslots where the user can choose a slot, targeting maximum engagement. It effectively syncs multiple social media accounts like facebook, twitter, LinkedIn into one platform.

It is easy to use, without unnecessary complications and one doesn’t need to be tech savvy to operate an account on Buffer.


Hootsuite is an “all in one platform”, facilitating you to monitor other social media accounts by creating and scheduling posts. It helps you connect to a wide number of social media users on different platforms with a single click.

It is just like operating any other media platform like facebook, only you get to control multiple media accounts, helping you to cover a wider audience sans trouble!


Like Hootsuite, Sprout Social combines other media platforms into one. It also provides a ‘customer relationship management’ feature, which aides the user to serve customers better, gaining credibility.

In addition to the above features, Sprout Social also includes reports, helping media managers across the globe.


Canva assists you in crafting web optimized graphics using images and texts. You can create attractive images for your social media posts that will help catch eyeballs. It is surprisingly easy to use, making technologically impaired people happy! It is as simple as ‘drag and drop’.

Users also use Canva to enhance menus, brochures and CVs.


Bitly is a very handy tool, frequently used by business to cut short their URLs into more attractive and shorter links that save space. It enables users to display their short links across other social media platforms in an appealing manner.

It also helps customize shorter links, gaining more attention from prospective customers.

Social media tools prevail in abundance on the web, suiting specific requirements, satisfying needs of businesses small and big. These tools have enabled businesses today to advertise their goods and services to a wider range of audience than traditional methods ever could. It is ever growing and has successfully become the backbone of the advertising industry.

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