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5 Reasons Why You Should Get AdWords Certified

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Any company looking to expand its business in the domain of digital marketing and PPC goes through several ways of gaining credibility and an edge over the competitors. With the stark advancements in internet, social media and the general concept of ‘online marketing’, it has now become an understood norm that each and every business will most definitely go online to attract more customers and potential client. To achieve that dream of being an online giant business, most companies go around looking for the best PPC agency they can get their hands on. The brand value is, after all, one of the most important aspects to keep in mind for the genuine success of any business. Google is one of the biggest search engines across the global leaving behind all its competitors like Yahoo, Bing, and MSN. Thus many businesses are now opting to get AdWords certified to add that extra needed edge to their name. Given below are the top 5 reasons, why getting AdWords certified is highly recommended for any PPC agency.

  1. It is your proof of credibility. It is an understood fact that a strong social proof and credibility is like a magnet for more business. Just like gaining more and more course certifications improves the strength of your personal resume, same way a Google AdWords certification is something that shows potential clients your skills and expertise in the said field. It thus goes on to enhance your credibility and social standing thereby luring more clients.
  2. It gives strength to your value propositionPeople buy what they can see; it is as simple as that. No one would go on to buy a service or product they have never heard of or seen through any medium. Like they say, seeing is believing. Thus, AdWord certification is your sure shot way to improve the value of your business proposition by a great number. Through the AdWords certification, a business offers the clients 3 components of the value proposition –1. Their Product/Service
    2. Their Target Audience
    3. The Value They Offer

    The Google Partner badge on the business website acts as a medal that one can show to express the level of their expertise without having to blow their own trumpet.

  3. The Google Partner badge on the business website acts as a medal that one can show to express the level of their expertise without having to blow their own trumpet. It helps you build your resume. As mentioned above, more certifications and courses help you build your resume and show the hiring agency why you are worthy of being given a certain job. It shows what all talents and skills you have that may come across as beneficial to the company. Similarly, the AdWords certification is your resume builder to attract more clients. It is a direct expression of your skills and the services and values that you can offer to them.

4.  It offers you free promotion AdWords certification is one of the best ways to promote your business for FREE! Yes, you heard that right! Becoming a certified Google partner makes Google promote your website on its other partner websites. As a result, people visiting all those Google partner websites are acquainted with your business too as a result of which they may choose to click on the ad and explore your website.

5. It is your way to stay updated every now and then, Google releases new updates pertaining to the latest trends in the digital economy. As a result of the same, you as a Google partner are on a constant learning and development cycle to keep on track with the Google stages. Retraining every two years is one of the ways that forces and reminds you to keep yourself updated with all the current trends.

Being updated with the current digital trends is an important aspect of being relevant in the economy. A part of the process is gaining all the important knowledge from trusted sources. New Vision Digital Academy is one of the premier digital marketing training institutes in Noida that holds highest levels of experience and expertise in imparting the knowledge. Thus if you’re looking to learn about the digital sphere, you know where to look.


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