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5 Google Adwords Extensions to Help Improve Your Conversion Rate

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5 Google Adwords Extensions to Help Improve Your Conversion Rate

The ultimate motive of an ad on Google is to garner recognition and gain potential customers.  The goal is to increase traffic for your website by maximising the number of clicks on your ads.

This can be effectively achieved through the use of Google AdWords Extensions. AdWords extensions facilitate your click-through rate by displaying more useful information. Some ads are longer as compared to others; this is due to the use of AdWords extensions. Their use increases the length of the ad, thereby communicating more relevant information to prospects.

Through Google AdWords, you can promote your business by advertising it. It is Google’s online advertising program.  Google AdWords can take the form of text ads, video ads, image ads etc.

Advantages of using Google AdWords Extensions:

• Visibility

AdWords extensions help in grabbing more eyeballs through its increased length and precise information, relevant to the user’s search result.

• Increased click-through rate 

They are directly responsible for an increased click-through rate as they expose users to more information about goods and services offered, encouraging them to click on the website link for more information.

• Improved user experience 

The use of AdWords extensions increases user experience as relevant information is provided with reference to their search results. They help in giving more information and thus, enhance the experience of users.

Here is a list of 5 Google AdWords Extensions to try out in order to increase your conversion rate:


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Review extensions serve as a guarantee to the customers, of the goods and services provided by the website. A third party is engaged to review the site for an unbiased view. A good review is more likely to gain clicks and views as people are more likely to trust the validation of the website by a third party.


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Call extensions allow advertisers to add in their telephone number as an additional detail. When customers see an advertisement they like and want to get in touch with for additional information or to make a purchase or hire a service, providing your business phone number will encourage higher click rates and facilitate customer service. This will enable potential customers to get in touch with you directly.


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A location extension entails details like address, phone number, business hours. A person sincerely planning on buying your products or hiring your services will focus on the content and click on the link. Therefore, it helps in separating potential clients from the unqualified leads. Putting up an address also encourages clients to approach you once they realise you are placed close to them.


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Callout extensions aim at giving maximum information in limited words. They incorporate the necessary details that will help give an idea of your business to the prospects. They fit details of your business in 2 lines, outlining important details like goods and services, address, phone number, business operational timings etc.


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Sitelinks extension adds more links to your advertisement, expanding the circle of your reach. The added on links must be relevant to your services. These useful links based on the services you offer add credibility to your site and help customers reach information relevant to their searches.

The choice of AdWords extensions depends on the business type. Incorporating these extensions will drastically increase your clicks and views, leading to a higher conversion rate.  To have an advertisement on the first page of Google will increase the probability of gaining clients, thus, increasing your click-through rate.

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