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5 Facebook Advertising Mistakes That You Should Avoid

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If one talks about the global statistics, Facebook is the most popular form of social media in the present situation. With more than two million active users, the social media platform is the biggest hub for brands, marketers and advertisers as it gives them the widest range for reaching out to potential clients. However, one thing that most advertisers struggle with is the understanding of Facebook ads and how they are run efficiently. Although, the ad concept has been in circulation since a long time now, there are still very many issues and confusions revolving around their execution. As a result of the same, many advertisers end up committing mistakes in their ad campaigns and losing out on big money. Before one gets into advertising on Facebook, it is thus imperative to understand the biggest and most common mistakes that advertisers make that must be avoided at all costs. Mentioned below are 5 mistakes that one must avoid while investing in Facebook advertisement campaigns.

  1. Faulty target audienceWhat most advertisers fail to understand is the importance of accurate targeting for the ad campaigns and thus end up choosing vague target groups as a result of which their ads do not reach the right audiences. Facebook enables advertisers to minutely select the TG based on different dimensions including interests, age, income, education, gender, location, and a lot more. It is thus very important for advertisers to exploit this feature accurately and get the best results out of their campaigns.
  2. Underutilization of AnalyticsOnce your ads are live, Facebook allows advertisers to analyze the results and interpret the campaigns success or failure. Based on the same, advertisers can then amend their campaigns and try out different tactics to gain better results. However, many often make the mistake of simply running the ads and then not utilizing the analytics tool to break down their campaign behavior.
  3. Not using custom audiencesThe custom audience feature of Facebook allows advertisers to send their ads to specific groups of people depending upon the end goal of the ad campaign. For example, if your ad goal is to target more sales, then by the custom audience tool, you can simply EXCLUDE the past conversions and then target new people for new sales and conversions. However, not many advertisers are aware of this tool and thus end up missing out on the opportunity to get specialized audience for their campaigns. 
  4. Including the past convertersAs mentioned in the previous example, past converters are the people who have been successfully converted into sales and customers in the past. Thus when an advertiser sets up a new ad set, it would be a priority to set one that targets new customers as there is very low possibility of the old converters showing interest in the same product again. Therefore the money spent on the ad set would end up being wasted.
  5. Underutilization of video ad featureStatistics show that video posts show a 10 per cent increase in follower engagement as compared to image posts. However a lot of advertisers are unable to utilize this one feature to the optimum level thereby missing out on the opportunity to get more engagement and interaction through the advertisement.There are a lot of factors that go into using Facebook advertisement as a successful tool for meeting your targets, however the tools are still unknown to many. NVD Academy is one of the premier educational institutes in Noida providing digital marketing certification in Delhi NCR. The course structure at NVD Academy focuses on enriching a student’s knowledge and making them well-versed with the industry expectations and the ways to excel at them.

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