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10 Do’s and Dont’s to Get the Best out of Sitelink Extensions

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Most people investing in the digital medium for the success of their business will tell you how very important Google AdWords is for the same. Google AdWords is the tool that helps your business be noticed by the right audience at the right time. While an ad is something that helps you get your business idea across to the target group, an extension is something that allows you to add relevant information to your ad to make them appropriate for the understanding of the common man. As a part of the AdWords tool thus, Google provides business owners and advertisers a list of ‘Extensions’ to aid in improving ad ranking and CTR (click-through rate). A recent report by the apex search engine brand had revealed that using ad extensions appropriately on your business ads can lead to an average of 30 per cent increase in the CTR.

One of the most useful ad extensions from Google is the Sitelink extension. As the name suggests, ‘Sitelink’ extensions come in handy when it comes to providing direct links to specific pages and content on your site. When linked to related text and content, the sitelink extensions can aid business growth by leading to more clicks and thereby generating new business. Sitelinks can be easily added at the campaign, account, or the ad group level. All one has to do is simply specify the link text and the URL in question.

However, not all are well-versed with the way adding sitelink extensions works. There is a list of Do’s and Don’ts that expert in the area have listed out for all beginners to follow. We are going to list out those for you here for your better understand.


1. Keep them short

Even though Google permits the usage of up to 25 characters in the sitelink description, it is recommended that the appropriate character limit for desktop links is 18-20 characters while for mobile links it is 12-15 characters.

2. Create Sitelinks for Bing Ads

It is unknown and surprising to many that Bing Ads are equally effective as Google AdWords, if not more. Therefore it is recommended that advertisers also exploit the sitelinks extensions by porting them to Bing ads too.

3. Try out enhanced Sitelinks

Enhanced Sitelinks are basically bigger sitelinks that allow advertisers to add two lines of descriptive text with each individual sitelink. In simpler terms, it is almost like making mini-ads for each bigger ad. Exploiting enhanced sitelinks has shown to result in a 30 per cent CTR increment.

4. Start and End-Date Scheduling

Certain links are time sensitive owing to the material in them. The best examples of the same would be festive offers and special discounts that come and go with certain festivals or seasons. Thus it is always better to create time sensitive sitelinks with specifications pertaining to eligible dates, days, time of the day and/or days of the week.

5. Check Your Links Regularly

No, sitelinks do not require one to track them daily, but it is always recommended to glance through them regularly to ensure that they are working just fine. Broken sitelinks that lead the customer to an ‘Error 404’ page definitely result in a bad impression and poor return rate of the site visitor.

6. Follow Policy Guidelines

Even though most say it is an ‘obvious’ step, it is surprising to see that there are still many who choose to skip through the guidelines part. For a functioning website and the sitelink extensions, it is imperative that the advertiser strictly follows the policy guidelines.


7. Neglect them

The biggest mistake that most advertisers make is setting sitelinks and then forgetting about them. One must always make sure to look into the performance metrics such as the ‘Impressions’, ‘CTR’, and ‘Conversion Rate’ to ensure positive results and better scope for it.

8. Account level site links

Even though Google promotes the account level sitelinks as a way to save time link the ad better to the site, most experts recommend opting out of it. It is always best to create sitelinks on the campaign level or the group ad level to direct the visitor is a more customized way.

9. Assume 100% Serving of Sitelinks

Before you jump into your expectations of sitelinks it is important to understand that serving of sitelinks depends a lot on your website ranking on Google. A poor site ranking may actually mean that Google may not display your sitelinks at all.

10. Be redundant

Just because you have the space of 25 characters to fill up your sitelink extension, does not mean that you necessarily have to utilize it all. Keep your sitelinks direct and short without repeating words unnecessarily.

Sitelinks are a great tool when it comes to utilizing your advertisement opportunities on Google and Bing but it is essential that one learns to use them in the correct way to achieve maximum benefits. Follow the Dos and Don’ts mentioned above to see your sitelinks turn your ads into visitor magnets. If you’re looking to learn the concepts on a deeper level, all you need is New Vision Digital Academy (NVD Academy), which is the best digital marketing training institute in Noida. NVD Academy is known across the Delhi-NCR area for its expertise in the field.

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