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10 Common Mistakes People Make While Implementing Google Analytics

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With the perpetual buzz all around about how digitalization has taken a high road and touched various verticals of the society, the marketing sector has seen a revolution of change that has been introduced with this new and reliable digital edge.

Digital Marketing can be described as a way of marketing/ advertisement of your products or services to the desired audience in the marketplace using digital tools. It has quickly and efficiently anchored in the online arena empowering people to advertise without any constraint whatsoever.

The branches of online marketing (another word for digital marketing) are far-reaching and comprises various components like –

•    A viable website
•    SEO- Optimizing the search engines like Google
•    E-mail marketing
•    Content curation and distribution
•    Social Media Marketing
•    Google Adwords and more

Each component is deep-rooted and essential for a profitable Digital presence

Google being the lovechild of WWW- World Wide Web offers us a myriad of platforms to stay connected. Google being the major player in the marketing ground enables us to maintain and advertise on the largest search engine.

Google analytics is a freemium service launched by Google in 2005 that aids us in tracking any activity on the website. Google analytics is one of the most powerful tools that gives out a 360-degree report on how our website and other marketing activities are performing. Google analytics helps us keep a record of activities that are constructed around our website, the numbers of visitors landing on our website in a given time frame, bounce rate, web traffic generated from different sources and conversion rate etc.

Being the most popular and widely used tools in digital marketing, users are missing out on minute details and committing mistakes while implementing Google analytics that hampers in the process of foolproof data collection and unambiguous analysis.

Here are the 10 common mistakes people make while implementing Google Analytics-

1.    Incorrect tracking code- The most common mistake encountered by marketers is the installation of incorrect tracking code that gives out faulty data and thus, results in misleading information.

2.    Not spending time on Google analytics– Unexperienced marketers generally forget or omit to track down the data from their marketing plan. Whereas expert marketers are religious followers of Google analytics and make sure they are tracking down details on desired intervals.

3.    Not filtering out of Internal Sessions- Employees of an organization and the internal team accounts for the increased website traffic that might not be useful still hamper the data. Using IP filters helps eliminate the adulteration in the data collection process.

4.    No goals set- Not setting goals or implementing faulty goals is one of the biggest mistake marketers make that derails our data collection and tracking process.

5.    UTM tags on internal sites- UTM tagging is one of the most powerful ways to track campaigns from external sources but the implementation of the same on internal sites results in incorrect data.

6.    Not collaborating with other tools – Google analytics can alone give out valuable insights but when combined with other Google products like Google Adwords and Google Adsense gives out unmatchable insights. (This is a secret ingredient of many Expert Digital Marketers)

7.    Not enabling custom alerts – Marketers are preoccupied with campaign creation and finding out more creative ways to excel that checking our analytics spills down the drain. Hence, loss of vital information. Custom alerts feature notifies us when attention is demanded from the user.

8.    Not filtering out spam traffic- Spam traffic always slips down the reports and produces faulty reports. Not filtering out the spam traffic is the most common mistake marketers do.

9.    Overlooking the Google Analytics Solutions Gallery- The solution gallery of Google Analytics offers tailor-made solutions and valuable suggestions. Most of the marketers overlook to peep in and commit another slip-up.

10.    Only Looking at one Report- Parallel reporting and comparison testing helps us extract a great deal of information. Most marketers overlook such records and rely on a single report.

8 out of 10 expert digital marketers are investing their precious time and efforts in analyzing their on goings using Google Analytics. Make sure you develop a strategic plan keeping the above mistakes at bay for precise tracking and collection of record.

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