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Digital Marketing Certification in Noida

Executive Certificate Program in Digital Marketing from NVD Academy

Kick start your career with an inspiring digital certifications. Our programme will guide you through entirety from search engines, to social media and beyond. What you learn In Digital Marketing Certification in Noida, Ghaziabad and Delhi NCR?

We take a planned, data driven and user focused method to digital marketing, ensuring that your marketing is targeting to the correct audience and personalized to deliver the results you want.

Our Digital Marketing Certification will make you accessible in:

  • Social Engine Optimization– Specialize in optimising the rankings of your website on various search engines. (Google, Yahoo, Bing etc)
  • Google AdWords– Learn how to connect with your customers using correct keywords over the web.
  • Email Marketing– Strive and be the part of your customer’s inbox using the right kind of content by sending emails.
  • Google Analytics– Get a 360 degree overview on how to monitor and analyse the statistics of your campaigns, conversions, sales activity and more.
  • Website Development– Learn how to design and develop user-friendly and robust websites to improve your web presence.
  • Content Marketing– Learn the art of creating content that magnetise your readers and help them retain as customers.
  • Social Media Marketing– Use social media handles to gain engagement and attract traffic to your website.
  • Affiliate marketing– Master one of the most effective performance based marketing using recommendations.
  • Mobile marketing– Learn how to target audience on their smartphones, tablets, and other devices, via websites, email, SMS and MMS, social channels, and apps etc.
  • Online Reputation Management– Learn how to polish brand’s reputation in the digital world.
  • Freelancing projects– Learn how to grab freelancing projects and work independently. Enjoy the perks of Being Your Own Boss.

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Our content covers the basics and beyond, to help you form a great foundation of digital skills. And you can showcase this qualification on your CV and LinkedIn profile too. As per the growing trend we offer with certifications from Google, Facebook and NVD Academy.

The Digital Marketing certification in Noida, Ghaziabad and Delhi NCR will let the candidates to enhance their skills in their desired subjects. Our team comprises of experienced and experts teaching staff will provide you with lectures that will be delivered impeccably.

The program will be principally taught though an amalgamation of class exercises, presentations, take-home exercises, simulation and case studies and live practical training. (Checklist)

Participants productively finishing and succumbing the assigned project work and performances will be bestowed with a Certificate of Completion. We provide authorized nine certifications which take account of:

  • Google- 7
  • Facebook-1
  • NVD Academy- 1

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Student Testimonials

  • An 8 weeks course that lets you become the master in Digital Marketing along with certifications and exposure to real projects.

    - Chetan Kapoor

  • I had a great learning experience at NVD Academy and getting certifications from Google and Facebook is like cherry on the cake. ThankYou NVD Academy

    - Shreeya Upadhyay

  • Best place to learn Digital Marketing and work with the industry experts for real time exposure.

    - Shreya Goel

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