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Digital Marketing Trends That May Make Their Way In 2018!

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New Year comes with resolutions and predictions. People readily take up the role of seers and start making all sorts of predictions that the brand new year may witness. Today, we are going to discuss some new digital marketing trends that may make an entrance in 2018!

Let us become ‘Cassandras’ for the day and get on with our predictions for the New Year.

1. Businesses will realize the role of mobile phones.

Mobile phones have become our mechanical organs, without which we are not functional, a courtesy of the 21st century. This year, it will become more and more important for businesses to optimize their online websites for mobile phones. Majority of people, read potential consumers, spend their hours on the phone, working, searching, and chatting through them.

It is only logical to make your websites mobile-friendly in order to reach a wider audience. We are hoping to see businesses realize this opportunity in 2018.

2. The importance of content marketing will grow.

A well-structured and attractive content can take your business a long way. Consumers prefer learning about a business through an article rather than an ad. This calls for an attention to content marketing that is deserved. Content marketing can take the forms of articles, blog posts, videos, pictures etc.

Quality content can effectively gain the trust of the consumer and result in an increased number of clicks and views.

3. Focus on consumer experience will increase.

Focus on customer experience marketing might gain popularity in 2018. It is ensuring your customers have a good experience dealing with your business. A good customer experience is vital to any business. By making this a priority, you can successfully add on to your good will. A customer is likely to engage with you again if their experience has been a good one. This is good for your business as you gain loyal customers.

4. Voice searches will continue to grow.

Using voice search is not exactly a new trend. We all are familiar with it and use it on our phones, laptops, smart speakers, tablets, desktop computers and just about any smart technology device.

It has become increasingly common for consumers to use voice search. “Siri, find me the best Chinese restaurants”, you know the drill! Optimizing for voice search includes conversational keywords that a person is most likely to say. Businesses need to optimize for voice search to keep up with changing times.

Only time will tell how accurate our predictions are for the year 2018. If these trends are able to make their way into this year, we will witness new digital marketing trends that will enhance businesses.

To learn more about digital marketing trends, visit our digital marketing training institute in Noida. We at the NVD Academy offer you a comprehensive course about the digital marketing world. Come and equip yourself with an in-depth knowledge of digital marketing to facilitate your career.

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Why Is Digital Marketing The Key To A Successful Business?

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This is the digital era, where we view the world through a screen. The digital platform is vast and ever-growing. It provides a place for a plethora of activities and businesses to co-exist and compete.

The virtual world is coinciding with the real world, and every thriving business has succeeded in making its presence felt in the virtual reality by recognizing the importance of digital marketing.

Through digital marketing, you can advertise your products and services using various digital platforms. This has been facilitated by technological development that we have witnessed over the years. Technology has enabled digital marketing to climb the ladder of popularity.

Digital marketing has become the key to a successful business:

Wider Reach

Advertising your business online helps you expand your reach to potential customers and clients. It erases geographical limitations associated with traditional methods of advertising.


Digital marketing is a very cost-effective way of advertising your goods and services as compared to the traditional method. You get to do away with investments in billboards, pamphlets, brochures etc.

Measurable performance 

Choosing the digital way to market your business lets you measure your success by telling you the number of clicks and views. This helps you to judge your performance and allows you to ‘fix’ or better your strategies accordingly.

Visibility and availability 

With gadgets becoming an integral part of our lives, the availability and visibility of your business are made easy. With smartphones and laptops, your reach will not be barred by physical boundaries. You can time your advertisements to go live when maximum people are engaged on the internet. This helps in maintaining a steady client base and increases the number of your potential consumers.

The need for digital marketing is booming and its future is looking bright. Get yourself a digital marketing certification in Noida by enrolling in the NVD academy today to learn more about the digital marketing world and get an edge over the others.

Confused Between Opting A Certification Course Or MBA in Digital Marketing?

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Here’s a guide to all your queries related to choosing the best option for your career based on your skills and experience and more importantly your educational background.

There are a lot of options to choose from if you want to learn digital marketing – MBA Courses, Diploma courses, Digital Marketing specialization courses and of course online tutorials. You can opt for any of these options.

MBA Course – Seeing the hype in digital marketing, universities have started courses in this field. There are few universities which provide online courses as well but majority of these are on-campus courses.

Specialization courses available for digital marketing have an edge over the MBA Courses. This is because they commit to provide specific knowledge within a shorter span, generally 3-4 months. They are cheap and give practical exposure to students. The most important factor is that in MBA courses a very generic information is given to students. But learning every aspect of Digital marketing is not useful, we need to get skilled in a specific domain.

Now, let’s discuss about the scope of both MBA Course and Specialization Courses.

Studies have shown that now students are opting for specialized courses rather than general MBAs. This transition is because of the change in skill demands for jobs.

MBA Courses

MBA courses can only be done if you have completed a graduation. Moreover, top management colleges prefer students with prior work experience over freshers. This is a setback to most of the students. Not only this, getting admission in a top seed college can be as difficult as it can be.

The major reason that people are falling out is the money factor. Doing MBA may feel like pouring money down the drain for some. This is because even after doing such an expensive and time consuming course students or professionals are unable to find jobs as per their expectations. As per a survey more than 80% of the MBA post-graduates remain unemployed or work at a lower salaries, which is as low as 8,000 – 10,000. As they say, 93% of MBA post-graduates are unemployable, which means that even after spending a hefty amount to get into top colleges, they still don’t acquire the right skills or experience to make them job-ready.

Students who wish to pursue a MBA courses have a few choices to choose from. There are very few institutions which provide MBA in Digital Marketing. And, even if they do, they lack a characteristic curriculum, which must be designed to meet the needs of today’s work expectations. Everyone is going digital nowadays, specially the students. They expect that courses should be available online so that they don’t have to take the pain to attend classes regularly. They want to take up courses which provides them flexibility. And, when considering a MBA course, this is not yet available except a few institutes that offer online courses.

Confused Between Opting A Certification Course Or MBA in Digital Marketing?
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Specialization Courses

Now considering the other popular option, we will discuss about how and why specialization courses are gaining importance over the traditional MBA Courses.

Like already mentioned, specialized courses are being preferred due to their cost as well as the time factor. The main advantage of opting for a specialization course is the fact that it is available in both online and offline mode and that too with a choice of duration depending on the student’s preferences. Students get the flexibility to choose from a variety of specializations based on different domains within digital marketing.

The students may be high school pass outs, fresh college graduates, or even working professionals. Yes..!! Almost anyone who has completed their high school is eligible to do these course. In contrary to MBA Courses, students can opt for more than one specialization courses to improve their skills and knowledge in various domains at the same time. The importance of these courses is more since they are not just theory based but usually covers internship or live projects along with the classes. Getting to work on live projects can give you an edge over others because you will have a practical experience for the skills that you learn.

The average cost of these courses is 40 – 50 thousand which is quite less when compared to lakhs of money students pay for their MBA Courses. It’s important that you make sure that the institutes from which you decide to do these specialized courses should provide you practical experience and provide certification once you complete the course. There are institutes that offer Google certifications as well and they might be your best choices.

Analyzing both the options, we can make out that specialization courses are the best choice without a doubt. There are many institutes which provide Digital marketing certification in Noida. Few of these Digital marketing school in Noida even provide online courses which include online lecture, webinars and doubt sessions. NVD Academy is one such institute which offers a complete package of Digital Marketing course as well as specialized courses. Not only this, they provide in-house internship opportunities too.

For more information, feel free to contact us at +91 9810 303 010.

Why You Should Opt For A Digital Marketing Course Today!

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Gadgets have become the sun of our lives, around which our existence revolves. Technology has changed the surface of trade, enhancing the ways a business functions. One result of the boom in technological development is the need for Digital Marketing, which has now become the backbone of the advertising industry.

Digital marketing has shattered the limitations of traditional advertising and pushed back physical boundaries, allowing a business to reach a wider range of audience. In order to secure a strong footing in the industry, a business must invest in digital marketing to make their presence felt.

Marketing goods and services online has facilitated interactions between businesses and customers, the aftermath of which is customer loyalty and added goodwill.  The emergence of digital marketing in the 21st century has paved way to a plethora of job opportunities which is why a digital marketing course today will help you.

Today when mobile phones are an extended part of our arms and an internet connection is more of a necessity than a luxury, advertising through the internet is only more logical. However the internet does not come without its share of complexities and to push a business in the right direction, a professional of digital marketing should be consulted.

A comprehensive Digital Marketing Course will equip you with an extensive knowledge of digital marketing, readying you for a bright career. It will open you up to new possibilities and career opportunities, helping you to face them with more confidence.

There are various digital marketing courses in Delhi NCR, one of them being ours, where you can learn about the digital marketing industry from the horse’s mouth , our very own team of experts who work hard in giving you an in-depth knowledge of the digital world.

A detailed course would give you holistic view of the digital arena, covering heads like:

• SEO (search engine optimization)
• SMM (social media management)
• Content Management
• Google Adwords
Email Marketing
• Google Analytics
• ORM (online reputation management)

Digital marketing lets you target a specific audience; relevant to your product and also helps you mass market your goods and services, making it extremely flexible to service individual needs of businesses small and big.

Digital marketing is at its peak and it is only going to boom more in the near future which makes it an attractive choice for a line of career.

How is Mobile-First Culture Moving the Impact of Digital Marketing?

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Fast forward to today, we perceive the birth of a new mobile era where clients act together and adapt in what Google defines as mobile micro-moments — the important points of time when a user is interrelating with their mobile device for the reason that they want to distinguish something, go somewhere, do something or bargain something.

As marketers, gauging mobile moments that matter — by indulgent and enhancing mobile traffic, mobile engagement, mobile conversion and mobile revenue — is grave to emerging a fruitful mobile-first strategy that recovers presentation. Let NVD Academy elaborates the same:

How will Google’s expected mobile-first index shake your search prominence?

In the world of digital, prodigious user practice is vital. And no one knows this superior than Google. Back in 2011, Google’s Panda algorithm inform changed the way it graded websites, arbitrating them on content superiority and dependability, and reprimanding sites that didn’t fit the bill. The fact enduringly transformed the face of SEO, with dealers clambering to rethink their digital marketing approaches.

So, what does Google’s next algorithm modernize have in store for search? Well, Google have detailed that their awaited mobile-first index shouldn’t have a great bearing on rankings. However, there are little factors which could see your website drop down in the search engine results pages (SERPs). Here’s the whole lot you want to know about Google’s mobile-first index, to safeguard you recall your search visibility when the following update comes into result.

What is Google’s mobile-first index?

All Set to launch at the conclusion of 2017, Google’s mobile-first index will overgrown websites founded on their mobile form of content, even when users are penetrating on desktop. Currently, Google scuttles the web from a desktop browser point of opinion, however when the mobile-first index is realized, Google will shift to swarming the web from a mobile browser outlook.

So, why this twitch is vital? Well, former year the amount of mobile searches surpassed desktop quests for the first time. Now, Google are beholding to expand their own user experience, optimizing their search engine to fit the essentials of the most people.

Mobile-First Culture
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However, as you can envisage, the mobile-first index tosses up sufficiently of questions for SEO marketers. Are non-mobile receptive websites about to vanish from the SERPs? What should SEO activities be doing to safeguard their clients’ sites aren’t exaggerated? Although the mobile-first index is still in its challenging phase, Google claim that the sway shouldn’t be too intense. However, it is prerequisite to make rare changes before the index is trundled out.

The Impact on SEO

For websites that are previously entirely mobile responsive, and for active serving sites where the main content is corresponding across mobile and desktop, you shouldn’t want to do anything when the novel index comes into consequence. Websites that aren’t mobile responsive previously don’t rank well under Google’s current algorithm, so if your website isn’t mobile-friendly, making it approachable should convert your first precedence.

Presently, Google indexes desktop content and shows the outcomes for both desktop and mobile users, before smearing a mobile-friendly lift for mobile optimized content. Under the new mobile-first index, Google will index mobile content and parade it in schedules for both desktop and mobile users. Then the mobile-friendly position boost is practical just like before.

Handling energetic serving sites

If you have a distinct mobile site, you’ll want to ensure that it has just as much content as your desktop site. Bestowing to Google, this is where many of us could get wedged out. If your crucial content is rather thin on your mobile site associated to your desktop corresponding, Google has directed that you might want to make some variations to ensure your rankings aren’t exaggerated by the fill in.

What changes should we need to make in?

If your desktop and mobile sites aren’t alike, creating a few vicissitudes will support to keep your standings before Google trappings the mobile-first index. Here’s a hasty checklist you can use to optimize your website for mobile-first:

• Confirm your website is helping structured markup for both desktop and mobile. You can attest their correspondence by copying the URLs of both versions in this Structured Data Testing Tool and associating the marks.

• Corroborate your mobile site is manageable to Google bot by using the txt Tester Tool.

• Keep in place any obtainable undisputed tags as Google will use these to work proper results to users probing on desktop or mobile.

• Google also counsels that a completely functional desktop site is enhanced than an imperfect mobile version. So, for those speculating whether they should rapidly develop a mobile site, Google strains that it’s superior to only unveiling a mobile site when it’s entirely working.

• With mobile becoming ever more noticeable in the way we chomp digital content, Google’s shift headed for a mobile-first ethos is assured to concrete the way for the repose of digital marketing. Clearly, we all requisite to be discerning mobile-first.

Are you still looking for a digital marketing institute in Delhi NCR which delivers you with a comprehensive and forward thinking training of digital marketing? Then Get in touch today to find out how we can advance and update your resume by making you a part of LIVE projects training. Give us a ring at +91 9810303010 or you can write to us at

Career in Digital Marketing- A Step Ahead!

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Since the development in the 1990s and 2000s, Digital marketing has transformed the way brands and businesses use technology for marketing. We at NVD Academy heap up all the data and facts from numerous sources and presenting you all the whys and wherefores of Digital Marketing course.

Why Choose Digital Marketing? 

  • Millions of consumers have in full swing using the internet. The internet usage has been augmented by the diffusion of smartphones and low-cost computers.  Still there is an extended way to go and the road seems attractive.
  • If you cannot imagine yourself active in something commonplace and painstaking, then Digital Marketing is your protector for sure.
  • A digital marketing agency comprises of a collection of people ranging from Business development executives, content writers to graphic designers and much more. Digital marketing is a comprehensive industry that entails a muddle of skill sets.
  • With a growth in demand for digital marketing services, there comes a trend of opportunities banging on your feet. Make sure to snatch these opportunities at the accurate time and climb up the success ladder immediately.
  • Another vital factor is that Digital Marketing has also appeared to become one of the high paying domains of the country.
  • Most of the digital marketing agencies in India attempt to conserve a casual work culture with lithe timings, super friendly superiors, informal dress code, various team outings and loads of food at all times. When work appears like play, you will never get drained of it.

Why Brands Need Digital Marketing?

  • New generation read blogs and not newspapers, use apps like Facebook, Instagram to connect with friends and family.
  • Brands must to advertise their products at places where buyers drape around.
  • The only hope is to employ an expert digital marketer who can form a digital marketing team.

How many Digital Marketing Roles are there?

Brands need digital marketers to run their marketing promotions online. If a contender with 2-3 years’ experience in digital marketing is making 5 to 10 lakhs per annum, the Company will create more than what they devote on the digital marketing talent. You are the one who aid companies to make more money with competent digital marketing.

Some of the highest roles in digital marketing available today are:

  • Digital Marketing Manager
  • Social Media Marketing Manager
  • SEO Expert
  • CRO Expert
  • Content Marketer
  • Email Marketer
  • Copywriter
  • Paid Ads Expert (Facebook & Google Ads)
  • Analytics Expert.

The titles may be different from place to place, but the nature of work vestiges the same. This is how the digital marketing team is organized within the organization.

How much do a Digital Marketers make? 

The salary of the people working in the organization differs with years of experience and with their position, it also relies on the kind of company that is hiring and most prominently, the city in which you work. Now day’s employers want digital marketing professionals’ candidates to have outstanding communication skills so that they can connect with clients from across the globe, the capability to work individually, good organizational skills, and above-average Internet skills. Further Employers desire contenders who are conversant in direct sales and e-mail marketing and who have awareness of digital marketing podiums, word handling software and industry-standard software. After completing the digital marketing certification in Delhi NCR, you will surely going to grab a perfect job for you and as per your need and requirements.

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Are you Ready to Become a Digital Marketing Expert?

So it is the time for you to become a digital marketer and make you career in this subject. If you think that you have that digital marketing skills and can do a bit of personal branding, there are abundantly of overwhelming companies in India that are prepared to hire you! You can become a digital marketing expert by enrolling in Digital marketing course. Are you thinking about becoming an Online Marketing expert? This might make you curious which is the best way to do it. There are plentiful Digital Marketing Master Courses, workshops, and coaching programs. You have to make your choice which one suits you the best. The course will make you ready for:

  • The fundamentals and perfect the advanced concepts in Digital Marketing
  • The course will help you achieve good amount of experience in this field as we provide Training on ‘’Live projects.’’

However, regardless of these gains, you will have to have actual experience when it comes to digital marketing proficiency as it doesn’t make you equipped for positions like Digital Marketing Manager. The digital marketing strategy is practicable but the average marketer will monitor the trend without keen-sighted if it fits in with their business objectives or not.

In the process of growing, learn social media marketing, SEO, email marketing and everything will fall into place with combined digital marketing strategy and with your learning.

Digital marketing school in Noida introduced by us will always recommend the students to twitch their blog and practice digital marketing by running your own website and our team will be your perfect companion in fulfilling your dreams. Our industry experts provide the tranquil and fastest way to get on track with learning digital marketing – and ripen a craving for digital marketing. Being your guiding partner, we provide live training sessions and internship prospects as well. Join our courses that have authorized certifications that could build up your resume.

If you have any questions or want to achieve further information, simply connect with us by calling us at +91 9810 303 010 or dropping your query at

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